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If you have scrap metal and are not sure what to do with it, make sure you call I J Kayes for friendly advice on how we can process your scrap metals for you.

As Manchester's leading Scrap Yard, you will find everything you need to make money from your scrap metal.

Do I Need To Sort My Metals?

There are two answers here.

1 Ferrous metals can come in as a mixed lot.

2 Non-ferrous must be separated before arrival.

Making sure you follow these basic steps will help you profit from your scrap metal disposal.

Here at I J Kayes Scrap Yard Manchester, we will be pleased to advise you further if you have any questions.

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Ferrous or Non Ferrous Scrap Buyer Manchester

We buy ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal. For those who are curious, 'Ferrous' is actually Latin for iron. If you have ever wondered about the real meaning of 'ferrous or non ferrous metals' it boils down simply to iron and non iron scrap.

So please make sure you follow the basic process for separating your metals. For the non ferrous metals that need to be separated before disposal, here are some examples of non-ferrous metal types

This basic guide will help you to separate your scrap metals prior to delivery at our Scrap Yard premises in Manchester.

If you are involved in a business that means you have copper or aluminum scrap, these scrap prices have been increasing constantly in recent years. It's all down to world demand.

As the use of these metals increases, as it has in recent years, so the rise in the scrap metal prices for these and other in demand scrap metals increases.

Stay in touch for up to date advice on what's happening in the scrap yard metal recycling business.

Here at I J Kayes Scrap Yard Manchester, we encourage anyone who wishes to get involved with recycling scrap metal to expand their awareness of the possibilities available.

Anyone can make money by being an astute scrap metal recycler and with a growing emphasis on recycling it's an avenue well worth your attention.

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I J Kayes is a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility for End Of Life vehicles and will provide you with a certificate of destruction, so you can be assured your vehicle has been disposed of in accordance with regulations.

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