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Scrap Manchester

Introduction To Scrap Manchester - I J Kayes

If you are new to Scrap Manchester, we have got a number of services available here at I J Kayes.

Have a look around our website for full details of all the scrap metal processing services we offer.

Common Household Scrap Manchester

Have you got scrap metal just lying around? Arrange to clear it out! Don’t dismiss this opportunity. You could be sat on some earning potential! Simply sending your scrap to Scrap Manchester - I J Kayes could result in a payment today!

Scrap Manchester - Recycling Awareness Grows

'Scrap Cars Wanted Manchester'

As awareness of recycling grows, a lot more homeowners are connecting to the idea and becoming alert to the extensive rewards associated with recycling scrap metal. What better than to be paid for your scrap here at Scrap Manchester? Arrange your free collection within the Northwest today.

Commercial or Business Scrap Manchester

Having been in business for a number of years, we have seen that scrap metal originates just as regularly from industry and local commerce, as well as general households. At Scrap Manchester - I J Kayes, we ensure the correct removal and recycling of scrap metal. It’s a service you can rely on. More importantly, it’s a way to effortlessly remove scrap metal for people who do not want it and need to get rid of it.

Exactly What Is My Scrap Truly Worth? Find Out At Scrap Manchester.

While we guarantee to pay the best local rate for scrap, it’s a fact that scrap metal prices are influenced and vary depending on the normal supply of the metals at any specified time. In the past, shortages of coal and iron ore have meant there has been considerable increases in the prices of iron and steel. This is reflected in the prices we are able to pay to people using our service.

Iron and steel is widely employed for various purposes and where it becomes extremely hard to satisfy the expanding requirements of the consumers, price ranges tend to increase.Whenever commercial demand heightens, (metal is used a number of industries for the manufacture of various electronic and other items) then once again the prices will go up. Good news if you have scrap to dispose of!

Don’t Wind Up Getting Charged!

If you do end up with an old car, or unwanted metal, you may indeed be shocked to find that numerous scrap yards will charge you to dispose of your unwanted material. Don’t let that happen to you! Use Scrap Manchester I J Kayes as your scrap metal processor of choice.

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Remember - Recycling Helps Our Environment

Recycling helps us in several ways -

We specialize in scrap metal because it is has excellent qualities for recycling.

Recovered, reprocessed, and refurbished scrap metals can certainly help conserve millions of pounds in commercial and vehicle manufacturing. It also helps reduce the exhaustion of rare non-renewable assets.

Join us and do your bit to help!

Scrap metal recycling is the wave of the future, so ensure you join in wherever possible by recycling your old scrap metal.

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Deal With A Company You Can Trust

I J Kayes is a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility for End Of Life vehicles and will provide you with a certificate of destruction, so you can be assured your vehicle has been disposed of in accordance with regulations.

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