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Metal Recycling Manchester

Metal Recycling Manchester has been around for a long time and I J Kayes Metal Recycling is following in a long tradition.

About Metal Recycling

If you are new to the Metal Recycling Manchester service, some of the key terms to be aware of include those for magnetic, non-magnetic and precious metals. Most scrap metal recycling falls under one of three categories:

Earn Extra Money With Metal Recycling Manchester

There are many different types of metals that can be recycled, some of which are in great demand.

Popular metals include copper, iron, lead, steel and aluminum. Some metals are worth more than others. You will also find that prices paid for scrap metal can change frequently.

Metal Recycling Prices

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Metal Recycling Manchester

Our service is one of the easiest ways to both help the environment and also help you make some extra money. I J Kayes have a large customer base built up over many years. Our customers know that I J Kayes will pay for your metal at the best rates.

So What Are The Benefits Of Metal Recycling?

Metal Recycling helps to

Scrap Metal - Where Does It Come From?

The world creates lots of products and goods with metal content. That means that consumers, machine suppliers, producers, government bodies and other industries can all produce scrap metal.

Items such as

All these things are prime sources for Metal Recycling Manchester.

We Buy Metal

I J Kayes is a scrap metal buyer in Manchester. Our service, Metal Recycling Manchester, allows us to concentrate on buying, recycling, and processing scrap metal.

We have been in business in Manchester for many years and are an established metal recycler.

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Metal Recycling Manchester - Manchester Metal Recycling

Deal With A Company You Can Trust

I J Kayes is a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility for End Of Life vehicles and will provide you with a certificate of destruction, so you can be assured your vehicle has been disposed of in accordance with regulations.

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