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Leaders Within The Industry - Scrap Metal Processors Manchester

I J Kayes. Market Leaders Within The Scrap Metal Industry In Manchester

What makes I J Kayes scrap metal the leaders within the industry?

This position is one that has been earned over the years and developed over time. Through the use of the latest scrap metal recycling techniques, I J Kayes have maintained their leading market position.

Started in 1969 the business has developed and grown over that time to become the local industry leader. The business founder saw the emerging trends and the desire of the local Manchester community to become more environmentally friendly.

A Leading Role In Scrap Metal Recycling

The need for recycling of all types of scrap metal became apparent and this lead to investment in plant, buildings and machinery to make this leading scrap metal recycling service possible.

I J Kayes was involved in the Governments end of life vehicle scraping scheme.

Depolution Centre

Not only does I J Kayes serve the public directly, it also acts as a recycling and vehicle depollution centre for other businesses that have a need for scrap metal recycling services.

A Helpful Team

With a helpful team of friendly advisors, you can always find the help you need for any question relating to scrap metal recycling.

Our customers have made us the leaders with the industry and it is our aim to maintain that position by delivering the best scrap metal processing service within Manchester.

Manchester's Leading Scrap Metal Processors

Deal With A Company You Can Trust

I J Kayes is a licensed Authorised Treatment Facility for End Of Life vehicles and will provide you with a certificate of destruction, so you can be assured your vehicle has been disposed of in accordance with regulations.

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